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What is Ayurveda?

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Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning “The Science of Life”. Ayurvedic wisdom originated in India and is believed to be one of the oldest form of healthcare in the world. The origins of ayurveda can be traced back to the Rig Veda (ancient Indian book of wisdom) which was written over 6000 years back.

It is the scientific way of living in harmony with nature and diet for achieving and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. In Ayurveda, body, mind and consciousness work together in maintaining the “right” balance.

Main Goal of Ayurveda

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Every human life desires health and longevity. Why? Ayurveda explains this desire is rooted within all of us to fulfill the four obligations of human life –

Kama (desires and procreation)
Artha (financial)
Dharma (righteousness)
Moksha (nirvana, mukti; instinct towards freedom)

The main goal of ayurveda is not just healing the body from discomfort and disease but in the highest and deepest sense to take human life towards the attainment of salvation through liberation.

Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz

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Ayurvedic Doshas

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Ayurvedic Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
Being healthy does not mean absence of disease, per Ayurveda. The wisdom of this Science of Life (Ayurveda) says, for an individual to be called “healthy” – it needs to take into account each and every individual’s unique personality, habits, emotions. We all come into this world with our unique “blueprint” which is pre-installed in us at birth!! :)

This blueprint creates “who we are” – our unique personality, our mental and physical characteristics. It makes us totally special!…one of a kind. You may ask what is this blueprint made up of ? It is made up of the same five elements ( fire, ether, air, earth, and water) that our universe is built upon and these five elements are represented in our bodies as three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Each one of us is made up of the combination of these three doshas. Most of us have one or two doshas to be dominant, with third one to be passive. This makes up our unique blueprint or prakriti (constitution) by ayurveda.
Sanskrit Veda

As we grow older and life starts to happen, the proportion of our prakriti starts to fluctuate in response to our inner and outer environment. This gradually creates imbalance in our constitution, which in turn starts to affect our physical and mental health.
What is Vata?

The two elements that make up vata are Air + Ether.Vata is called the “king of doshas”. It is responsible for every movement in the body. Pitta and kapha cannot move without vata, it is considered the leader or the king of all doshas. It’s very important to keep vata in good balance. The key to balancing vata dosha is regularity.
What is Pitta?

The two elements that make up pitta are Fire + Water. Pitta is considered to be “enthusiastic and fiery” of all the three doshas. It is responsible for digesting everything we take into our bodies – food, emotions. The key to balancing pitta dosha is cool down and let go!
What is Kapha?

The two elements that make up kapha are Water + Earth. Kapha is the “motivator” for the rest of the two doshas. It is responsible for the lymphatic and the immune system. The key to balancing kapha dosha is motivation.

Being healthy in Ayurveda

One whose all three doshas are in balance, appetite is wholesome, digestion is strong, all body tissues are functioning favorably, excretion is regular, and mind is in a state of bliss, in tune with the spirit. 

Six Tastes of Ayurveda

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Long before we had heard of carbs-fats-proteins,or came to know of nutrition, food pyramids, RDA’s (recommended daily allowance), ayurveda came up with a list of six distinct tastes to formulate a balanced diet. As ayurveda originated thousands of years back, the wisdom and knowledge was shared in an oral communication (communication language was not written) and was passed on by one person to another. It was much later that the vedic scholars compiled them into ayurvedic texts/vedas.

Incorporating all these six tastes in our daily meals, leads us to eating a balanced diet. I call this the “vedic taste chart”!


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